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Elena Munteanu is a professional business coach

Area of expertize: marketing, skills and life coaching

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We help people to work smarter in orde to enhance productivity and improve the way that use their time.

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Tools and services for corporate leaders and social entrepreneurs in order to achive their goals

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What our clients say about us ?

I. Narcis Manager Euforaje.ro  

We a re a small company working on marketing for foraje puturi apa in Romania. Nowadays it is very hard to find a reliable coach to help you to overcome barriers and reach your goals. Elena helped me and my organization to achive personal and organization goals. Thank you so much !.

A. Stefan Manager Service Auto Almira 

Hi i am the service auto Almira manager and gladly participated to this courses offered by Elena Munteanu. This are practical courses wich offer skills coaching for middle and top management staff. The courses offer a set of key knowledge and includes practical exercises to develop skills needed in the coaching interaction.

Cleo Dinu HR manager Rich Girs Studio

Coaching sessions have helped implement radical changes in our organization. Following Elena courses in my turn I became a coach for our new studio videochat in Bucuresti Romania.. I recommend Elena as bussiness coach is very professional!

Lidia Turcescu - Director Dezvoltare Regionala - Swiso Rent a Car:

Swiso is a big car rental company present in all major cities of Romania. You can read more about Swiso here. As we opened a new rent a car point in Timisoara we also had to expand our team. Elena munteanu helped me recruit a young and dinamic team and helped my train them . So now we have a very profesional team that works well together, and business is booming in Timisoara, thanks to Elena Munteanu.

Madalina Plesu - Sales Agent - Storage timber Vand-Cherestea.ro:

Miss Elena Munteanu is a great nutritionist and a person of great character. I had the pleasure to meet, and know her, and I was impressed. All customers are very satisfied and fond of Mrs. Elena, and recommend her further. Me, and the team at Grinzi Lemn Vand-Cherestea.ro highly recommend Ms. Elena Munteanu!

Alexandra S.  - Manager - RichGirls Studio:
Miss Elena Munteanu helped with the videochat studio recruting and training of our managers videochat studio and we are very pleased with the job done. She managed to bring some profesionalism and value tto the new team and without exceeding our budget. I also hope to work with Elena in the future and recommend her warmly.